Bridgestone Mileage Sales

Get more miles from your Tire Program.

Stop paying for rubber you don't use. By giving you a price per mile on your charter, intercity or city-suburban operations, Bridgestone Mileage Sales lets you only pay for the tires you use—as you use them. It's the low cost way to get high-quality tires.

• No Costly Inventory Investment
• Fixed Cost per Mile
• Program Support To Help Reduce Maintenance Cost
• Wide Selection of World-Class Products
• Extensive Support Network


It takes a special tire to hold up to the rigors of today’s charter bus fleets. Bridgestone Mileage Sales offers a range of Bridgestone and Firestone new tires and Bandag retread products that provide quality performance in a variety of conditions. From more fuel efficiency to greater durability, we can help you find just the right tire at just the right price per mile for your charter or motor coach application.

We understand you can’t afford even the slightest delay.

It all comes down to trust. We understand you can’t afford even the slightest delay. That’s why all our tires are supported by one of the largest service networks in North America.

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By letting you pay-as-you-go, the Bridgestone Mileage Sales program saves your fleet money by avoiding costly upfront inventory investment. Plus, you can lock into a price per mile, reducing your risk of fluctuating costs. And with no inventory to manage, you’ll save even more on labor and maintenance costs.