Dump Truck - Rigid
Dump Truck - Rigid
Dump Truck - Rigid
V-Steel Rock Extra V-Operation
Using an innovative tread pattern specifically developed for heavy duty mining performance, the Bridgestone VREV radial tire for haulage applications gives you both increased wear and heat resistance. Learn more here.
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Pattern Details

Buttress fins — use the flow of air from a rolling tire to force cooler air into the shoulder grooves and across the base of the tire voids in order to draw heat away.

Shoulder grooves — set at a depth that minimizes heat generation give the VREV a higher maximum workload (TKPH rating) than conventional radials.

Parallelogram tread blocks — change shape as the tire moves in order to minimize the amount of sliding, which contributes to the tire’s improved resistance to wear and tear.

  • Inventive pattern improves wear resistance by 7% and heat resistance by 10%
  • 2* radial casing design

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  • Dump Truck - Rigid
  • Dump Truck - Rigid
  • Dump Truck - Rigid