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Training & Education Solutions

Education Matters. Having confidence in Bridgestone through experiential learning is what really matters.

Bridgestone believes the people who work with our Off-the-Road tires are the key to business success.  That’s why we invest in training classes every year for both our sales teams and customers.

Our dedicated training team develops educational content, learning games, videos, and interactive quizzes about all our newest products, technologies, and tools. Whether you’re learning about new product features and benefits or maintenance of tires and solutions you already own, our team’s goal is to keep you engaged and learning how to get the most out of OTR tire investments.

In addition to the solutions for your job site, our training programs can support you in your decision-making process and could improve operational costs.

Available training classes offered


Created for dealer sales staff and tire technicians who engage with end-user customers of Off-the-Road equipment and tires. Elevate your skills, expand your network, and seize the chance to excel. Class is available in Bloomington, IL.


Amplify your expertise with this workshop tailored for tire program managers, service techs, and procurement of Off-the-Road equipment and tires. Join us in Bloomington, IL, and Aiken, SC.

Advanced Mining Tire

Designed for seasoned Dealer and End User personnel. Enhance your expertise with the most effective strategies for choosing the right tire, implementing preventive maintenance to help minimize downtime, and improving your bottom line. Training is held in Aiken, SC.