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Tire Explorer App

Introducing a fun, engaging new way to learn about the new Bridgestone R283A™ Ecopia™ tire. The Tire Explorer App creates a stimulating audiovisual experience—via an Augmented Reality or 3D experience—to demonstrate how this innovative steer tire achieves 21% longer wear life and 3% better rolling resistance.* Watch the video for a sneak peek.

Download the App:

Download the App Trigger : PDF (144kb)


Apple Device

Connect to the Apple Store to download the Tire Explorer App for your iPad or iPhone.


Android Device

Connect with Google Play to download the Tire Explorer App for your Android device.


Activate your experience

In order to start your augmented reality experience, the app needs a simple trigger. Download and print this PDF, open the app, and hover over the page you just printed.


3-D Explorer

Still want to explore the R283A™ Ecopia™ tire? Try the web-enabled 3-D experience from your personal computer (not enabled for mobile devices).


R283A™ Ecopia™

Learn more about R283A™ Ecopia™ tire size availability as well as download product literature.

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* Bridgestone R283A Ecopia in size 295/75R22.5 load range G, compared to equivalent size and load range of Bridgestone R283 Ecopia. Rolling resistance results obtained from third-party ISO 28580 testing. Wear results based on field testing in long haul fleet applications in the US and Canada. Actual results will vary depending on several factors such as tire size, operating conditions, maintenance, road conditions, and driving style.