VREV tires revolutionize heavy-duty mining

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The Bridgestone VREV moves the earth and your business

The V-Steel Rock Extra V-Operation tire streamlines your heavy duty mining operation with increased wear and heat resistance†† for reliable performance, increased efficiency and reduced costs.

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VREV delivers higher speed with full loads

Innovative tread patterns increase your haulage abilities

Buttress fins, shoulder grooves and parallelogram tread blocks work together to deliver 7% improved wear resistance and 10% heat resistance††.

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††Performance improvements are comparisons with the Bridgestone VRPS

Selecting the right tire is critical

If you’re considering the 50/80R57 Michelin XDR250 think again

  • With adjusted air pressure, the 46/90R57 VREV matches the 50/80R57 XDR250 carrying capacity*
  • The 46/90R57 VREV is approved for 240-260 short ton trucks around the world, the XDR250 is approved for limited truck models and may require truck modifications

*Contact your Bridgestone representative before making any adjustments to published or previously approved air pressures.

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