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It’s called a Savings Calculator for a reason.

Retreading not only revitalizes tires, it can also reduce your annual fleet costs while positively impacting the environment. Reveal customized savings results and share them with your Bridgestone representative. Let us turn this estimate into a reality.


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Pro Tip

Get a more accurate measure of your savings by entering the number of retreadable positions on each of your units in the ADDITIONAL FILTERS section below.



When estimating the cost of your new tire, be sure to include the Federal Excise Tax (FET), which is generally $30 - $40 per tire.



Retreads are not subject to the Federal Excise Tax.

Did You Know?

The entire family of Bridgestone products - from Dayton to Ecopia - are designed to be retreaded. Select Bridgestone tires include a retread warranty for up to 7 years and unlimited retreads.

Additional Filters

Did You Know?

All wheel positions, including steer*, are commonly retreaded.
(*excludes steer position on bus and passenger vehicles)

Think your new tires will outperform a Bandag? We beg to differ. Take the Bandag Challenge. If Bandag doesn’t outrun your current tire, we’ll refund you the difference (speak to your local Bandag representative for details)

Did You Know?

All Tires retreaded/repaired at a Bandag franchised dealer come with a 4-year warranty for workmanship and material failures.

Bandag’s thorough inspection process will detect even hidden tire damage, and repair it before the tire is retreaded. Depending on application, many best-in-class fleets retread 2 – 4+ times, using casings that can exceed 7 years of age.


Bridgestone makes the most retreadable casings in the industry, with a rejection rate that is generally below 10%. Lower quality casings can have a rejection rate of 25% or higher.


Some casings - like Bridgestone and Firestone - are worth more than others. Know how much yours are worth. Consult your local dealer to see how much your casings are worth.