BASys Manufacturing

Better Retread Product Management

BASys Manufacturing understands the meticulous maintenance you put into your tires. That’s why your Bandag dealer collects, photographs, and provides a receipt for each and every high quality Bandag retread we deliver to you. From pick up to delivery, our process manages valuable information about your assets, including owner, brand, model, age, number of retreads and repairs, failure reasons, and location. Your Bandag dealer’s eye for detail is only surpassed by our ability to deliver the highest quality retreads for your program.

Here’s the best part: BASys Manufacturing turns this data into valuable management information that enables cost saving tire decisions. Bandag retreaders can tell you which casings appear to perform best in your application, the types of failure conditions or damage observed in your operation and whether it is more effective to retread, repair or replace a tire through detailed expense analysis. The BASys Manufacturing system always references your maintenance and retread specifications to ensure your tires are retreaded to your exacting expectations.