Engineering Services

Technological innovation that lets us roll right over the competition.

Tire Matching

Mismatched tires, from tread depths to patterns, can lead to premature wear, stress due to overloading, and even stress on equipment mechanical systems and ultimately early removal. Through a proprietary software tool, we can analyze your tire inventory to recommend proper tire matching per equipment and recommended replacements if tires need to be pulled.

Tire Rotation

Bridgestone is here to help you get the most out of your tires. We can develop a preventative maintenance program for you that includes recommended tire rotation based on the operation, equipment hours or equipment miles run, to maximize life.

Tire Pressure Management

The Bridgestone B-TAG system, an advanced tire management tool, delivers real-time measurement of both tire pressure and temperature.

Every tire is fitted with an individual sensor tracking tire pressure and temperature. This provides crucial information that can be utilized to optimize tire performance. Mine staff are alerted when pressure or temperatures shift from optimum levels, allowing quick action to avert possible tire damage, contributing to a safer work environment and reducing tire-related downtime.

B-TAG, when integrated with a dispatch system, enables you to streamline vehicle operations and minimize unexpected events.

As an additional service, we offer tire pressure management (assessment and air up).

Weight Studies

The weight of your equipment has a direct effect on your tires. Analyzing the weight of your equipment is imperative to ensure your operation is within the load rating of the tire, to fine-tune tire air pressure, and to calibrate the payload system where needed. Overloading your equipment could lead to costly equipment down time and lost productivity. Weight studies performed on anything carrying payload can help improve uptime and productivity.

Cleaning & Maintenance

When it comes to rim and wheel management, we offer a full suite of services to make sure maintenance is a smooth and easy process. Our authorized technicians and dealers will work with your maintenance team to ensure that all your wheels are properly maintained.