Field Service, Engineering and Consultation

On-Site Evaluation and Tire Service

'Being there' isn't just lip service. We live it every day, whether in your corporate office, daily maintenance meetings, your shop or your mine pit. We become part of your operation to help you focus on safety, lower costs and increased productivity.

At Bridgestone, our goal is to leverage our role as the world’s largest rubber company to empower you to focus on what you do best — mining. And since productivity is tied directly to the dependability of your tires, we've always strived to deliver high-quality application-specific tires that help you get the job done right. We excel by giving you global best practices that extend tire life, help improve uptime, and positively impact your bottom line.

Bridgestone serves the world’s largest mining operations with unparalleled expertise.

Technological innovation that lets us roll right over the competition.

There are over 1,500 Bridgestone/Firestone scientists and engineers worldwide whose sole mission is to create new product innovations so that you get the best tires on earth. Yes, we're on a roll — and you will be, too.

  • Worldwide, highly advanced tech centers create new innovations and new products.
  • Engineers work to improve operating efficiency, reduce costs and deliver the right tires.
  • Integrated Tire Solutions includes programs for job condition and tire reports.
  • Advanced analysis tools to help promote uptime include weight studies, heat studies and GPS and accelerometer data, as well as real time temperature and air pressure analysis (B-Tag) and job-site analysis.

TMPH Master

Stay on the road longer

Keeping OTR tires maintained and running in optimum performance will help you get the longest life from your tires. The best way to do this? Control heat buildup.

Making sure that your OTR vehicle equipment is running within the speed rating of the tire will help minimize excessive heat buildup by running them at temperatures below the tire’s critical limit, also known as the maximum ton mile per hour (TMPH).

To help your drivers keep up with their daily production, it’s important that the tires you use are rated for the highest TMPH routes on your job site. We suggest pairing this with our B-TAG™ tire management tool to get precise monitoring that ensures your tires are operating at their peak.