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Bridgestone Fleet Care for Commercial Truck and Bus Fleets

Centralized solutions to keep your fleet on the move.

Tire Monitoring Services

Bridgestone Fleet Care’s Tire Monitoring Service offers remote monitoring of tire condition when vehicles are confined to a pre-determined location and continuous remote tire pressure and temperature monitoring while your vehicles are in-use. All of this provides data at your fingertips to detect and avoid tire issues before they happen, reducing downtime and tire costs.

Yard-Based Tire Monitoring

  • View tire health on all vehicles, every day before they move on to the work site
  • Tire sensors are installed on valve stems and send tire pressure and temperature data to a wireless receiver in the yard
  • When the vehicle is in range, sensors send reports every 5 minutes
  • Alerts are sent to your desktop, tablet, or smartphone if the tire has a problem
  • The router is not assigned to a specific vehicle so it can read all vehicles equipped with sensors

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Real-Time Tire Monitoring

  • Sensors attached to valve stems send tire pressure and temperature data through the cloud to the tire monitoring system
  • A warning email or text is generated when a tire is having an issue
  • Allows issues to be addressed proactively, improving your fleet’s uptime

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Asset Management

Whether using the web-based program or the mobile app, you have data at your fingertips and can set up customized reports to be emailed regularly with historical tracking, customized fleet performance summaries, critical issue reporting and more. The application can be used to send alerts via email or text message to let users know of critical issues immediately.  

Retread Management Platform


Track your tire through the plant. One scan of the bar code brings up your fleet specs. Our Shearography technology can look inside the tire from bead to bead in two minutes.

Track your assets. We keep track of your fleet’s tires and give you access to real-time inventory tracking across dealers. BASys™ helps us share fleet specs across the dealer network so your info is available from any.

Our analyzer comes into play for yard checks and performance tracking. Learn what causes your fleet to discard a tire and determine when a casing can be downgraded instead of discarded.


TBR Applications


✓ Less-Than-Truckload (LTL)     ✓ Truckload, Distribution  
✓ Severe Service                          ✓  Parcel & Delivery  
✓ Waste & Recycling                   ✓  Motor Coach 
✓ Transit                                        ✓  Coach & more


Service Event Management

 With Bridgestone Fleet Care’s Service Event Management platform is designed to reduce downtime and streamline communication for service events, easing service compliance and creating efficiencies for fleets and dealers.  

The web and mobile applications harness the latest in mobile technology to centralize communications between fleet managers, drivers, dealers and service technicians with real-time updates and GPS support.  

Service Network

Bridgestone Commercial Dealer Network (BCDN)  


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