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Tire Monitoring Systems for Mining, Quarry & Aggregate Tires

Bridgestone brings you a modern approach to tire pressure monitoring with advanced real-time tire pressure and temperature monitoring solutions for nearly any off-the-road tire from any tire manufacturer. Depending on the size of your equipment, Bridgestone has two TPMS solutions for your fleet. Bridgestone Fleet Care's tire monitoring service for equipment with tires smaller than 49” and Bridgestone iTrack for equipment with tires larger than 51”. 

Benefits of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems for Your OTR Fleet

Increased Productivity

Decreases tire related downtime by identifying tire issues before they can impact equipment or work schedules. Monitoring tire pressure minimizes pressure-related events which increases the average hours a day that a truck is working, thereby increasing production.

24/7 Access to Real-Time Data

Unrestricted data at your fingertips enables better decision making with continuous remote tire pressure and temperature monitoring while your vehicles are in-use. 24/7 access, alerts and reporting allow issues to be addressed proactively, improving your fleet’s uptime.

Impressive Savings

Designed to lower tire costs by reducing damage and improving tread utilization extending tire life, while also increasing fuel efficiency.

Improved Safety

By optimizing a fleet's tire management with proactive notifications before equipment is in use and warning systems to flag when a tire is having an issue, you reduce the chance of a tire emergency causing harm to equipment and employees. This creates a safer workplace.


Bridgestone Fleet Care’s tire monitoring service is a tire pressure monitoring system that provides the tool kit for commercial fleets in the quarry, aggregate, and construction off-the-road applications with tires that are smaller than 49”. 


For real-time monitoring, the tire monitoring service offers continuous remote tire pressure and temperature monitoring while your vehicles are in-use.

  • Sensors attached to valve stems send tire pressure and temperature data through the cloud to the tire monitoring system
  • A warning email or text is generated when a tire is having an issue
  • Allows issues to be addressed proactively, improving your fleet’s uptime


For yard-based applications, the tire monitoring service offers remote monitoring of tire condition when vehicles are confined to a pre-determined location.

  • View tire health on all vehicles, every day before they move on to the work site
  • Tire sensors are installed on valve stems and send tire pressure and temperature data to a wireless receiver in the yard
  • When the vehicle is in range, sensors send reports every 5 minutes
  • Alerts are sent to your desktop, tablet, or smartphone if the tire has a problem
  • The router is not assigned to a specific vehicle so it can read all vehicles equipped with sensors


Reporting & Capabilities

Whether using the web-based program or the mobile app, you have data at your fingertips and can set up customized reports to be emailed regularly with historical tracking, customized fleet performance summaries, critical issue reporting and more. The application can be used to send alerts via email or text message to let users know of critical issues immediately. 


A tire monitoring service offered through Bridgestone Mining Solutions,  iTrack is the industry’s leading, real-time, mining tire temperature and pressure assessment solution for tires that are 51” or larger.

Experience Long Lasting Results with Bridgestone iTrack

Accelerometer Data

  • Avoid downtime from excessive sidewall lateral force induced damage
  • Analyze operator performance (braking/acceleration/cornering)
  • Asses mine-site’s road cambers, corner speeds and overall efficiency

TMS Alerts

  • Early detection of pressure leaks
  • Prevent tires from carrying dual load by detecting flat damage
  • Adequately manage slow leaks with regular top-ups until planned maintenance

Use Tire Data to Minimize Mechanical Failures

  • Suspension strut failure
  • Dragging brakes - create excess chamber heat
  • Exhaust misalignment - adding unwanted heat to the tires
  • Load distribution - pressure compensation (front/rear balance)


  • Analyze and control time spent in specific zones (Truck Idle Time).
  • Prevent over-speeding in corners and slopes to reduce tire stress.

Scheduled Maintenance

  • Reduce maintenance downtime by reducing manual pressure checks
  • Prioritize truck maintenance base on severity of services

Avoid Heat Related Stoppages

  • Heat Maps – Switch trucks to cooler routes
  • Elimination of thermal separations
  • Replace TKPH monitoring with live 24/7 temperature data
  • Delta between TKPH limits and live temperature = increase in production

To learn more about iTrack, contact Bridgestone today.