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Severe Service

GREATEC™ M853 Specialized Features

Tough and Long-Lasting in Severe Service Applications

The Greatec™M853 455/55R22.5 offers features made for severe service applications. The aggressive tread design and specialty compounds contribute to 9% longer wear life than a leading competitor’s tire*. Plus, this ultra wide base option gives you the weight saving opportunity to allow for heavier payloads and more effective operation of your trucks.

Specialized Features

Special Tread Compounds
Help prevent tread damage from cuts and stone drilling in severe service applications without compromising long tread wear performance
Extra-Deep and Extra-Wide Tread
Aggressive design delivers solid traction, long life and excellent handling.
Patented Turn-In Ply™ Design
Promotes casing durability by wrapping the body ply around the bead bundle to reduce ply-end stress
Optimized WaveBelt Technology
Enhances casing durability and wearout performance by maintaining a stable footprint and reducing casing growth throughout tire life
Tough Sidewall Protection
Reinforced sidewalls that fight curbing, cuts, snags and worksite damage to protect casing



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Severe Service
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Tread Depth (32nds) (mm)
23 18.3