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Greatec™ M847™

Waste & Recycling

Greatec™ M847™ Specialized Features


The new Bridgestone Greatec™ M847™ wide-base all-position radial tire is engineered with the enduring strength and longevity to withstand high-scrub urban applications, driving a low total cost of ownership. This next generation tire benefits from a newly redesigned tread package and deeper tread pattern to deliver confident wear life and scrub resistance. Additionally, even in high payload applications, the Greatec™ M847™ has an 8% rolling resistance improvement vs. previous generation, and is designed to help deliver higher fuel efficiency and lower fuel costs.

Specialized Features

Special Tread Compounds
Application-specific design to deliver confident wear life and scrub resistance with lower rolling resistance in urban / regional applications.
Extra-Deep and Extra-Wide Tread
Aggressive and deeper design (26/32nd) delivers long life with solid traction, excellent handling.
Tough Sidewall Protection
Reinforced sidewalls minimize scuff damage and curb abrasion during frequent stopping and starting.
Optimized WAVED BELT™ Technology
Enhances casing durability and wearout performance by maintaining a stable footprint and reducing casing growth throughout tire life.
Patented TURN IN PLY™ Design
Promotes casing durability by wrapping the body ply around the bead bundle to reduce ply-end stress.
Optimized tread package
Newly redesigned tread package for urban application to deliver confident wear life and scrub resistance with lower rolling resistance.
Stone Rejector Platforms
Prevent trapped stones from pushing into tread grooves and piercing belt layer, damaging belts and exposing them to rust.
Wide Grooves
Help reduce risk of groove cracking and combat retention of damaging stones for enhanced retreadability.
Continuous Shoulder
Offers long, even wear and reduced rolling resistance by controlling movement of the ribs and blocks during rotation.



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Waste & Recycling
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