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Bridgestone R192E Tire

Innovation to empower the adoption of electric buses.

Bridgestone is proud to introduce Bridgestone R192E, our first ever tire designed specifically with electric bus applications in mind. Though the Bridgestone R192E is compatible with all bus types, the high load capacity and ultra-low rolling resistance are innovative solutions to some of the most pressing challenges facing electric bus adoption. The Bridgestone R192E equips buses for full capacities and longer routes on a single charge, maximizing positive environmental and social impact.

Specialized Features

Multiple Gripping Edges
Provide biting edges that help promote wet traction.
Cross-rib Sipes
Improve traction by slicing through water for a solid grip on wet roads.
Wide Grooves
Provide a void for efficient water evacuation.
Groove Fence
Aids in reducing noise for a quieter ride.
Sidewall Wear Indicators
Aid in the visual identification of sidewall wear due to severe curbing.
Tough Sidewall Protection
Reinforced sidewalls minimize scuff damage and curb abrasion during frequent stopping and starting.
M+S Stamping on Sidewall
For mud and snow operation.



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