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BASys™ drives down tire costs

BASys™ is a complete digital tire management system that uses an online portal to provide visibility and accountability to help improve floor productivity, track assets and inventory, and optimize tire cost for your fleet.

How BASys Works

BASys has predictive analysis and asset tracking that can scale to fit the needs of your fleet.

BASys™ Manufacturing

Track your tire through the plant. One scan of the bar code brings up your fleet specs. Our Shearography technology can look inside the tire from bead to bead in two minutes.

Headline: BASys™ Fleet Inventory

Track your assets. We keep track of your fleet’s tires and give you access to real-time inventory tracking across dealers. BASys™ helps us share fleet specs across the dealer network so your info is available from any

BASys™ Fleet Analyzer

Our analyzer comes into play for yard checks and performance tracking. Learn what causes your fleet to discard a tire and determine when a casing can be downgraded instead of discarded.

BASys™ optimizes cost for retreaders.


Know immediately if the tire is within your specified fleet specs and capable of being retreaded.The BASys system prints a label with detailed information about your retread, so you know where every tire stands at each stage of life.


Shearographic technology uses lasers and cameras to measure movements of tire components and can pinpoint hidden imperfections such as belt separations, liner separations, or bead separations that are smaller than the width of a human hair.


Expert evaluation of scrap tires finds tires that can be retreaded and put back into service instead of being discarded and costing fleets a valuable asset.