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1,000,000 MILES PER TIRE

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The right partner helps you increase your expectations. Premium casings and best-in-class Bandag retreads are an un-matched asset for your business. And that’s just the beginning. When it comes to your fleet’s tire program, we give you the tools to set the performance bar higher. Collaborating with Bridgestone results in custom fleet solutions and actionable data that you can leverage towards your goal to get 1,000,000 miles out of every tire.

Million Miles with Ecopia R284

Meet the

R284 Ecopia

Getting to 1,000,000 miles starts with a premium tire. The R284 delivers value from day one with low rolling resistance, even wear and improved fuel economy. Having Ecopia™ tires in the steer, drive and trailer positions can lower your total cost of ownership versus Michelin® X-Line™ and Goodyear FuelMax®. Putting Bridgestone tires on your fleet is like putting money in the bank.

The best fleet specs include retreads

Getting to 1,000,000 miles means you buy premium casings and retread them. Bandag makes best-in-class retreads designed to extend the life of your tires. Retreading just once can lower your tire wear costs by as much as 17%. Retreading a third time can increase that to 29%. Select Bridgestone-brand premium commercial tires and casings are backed by a 7-year warranty and unlimited retreading when retreaded with the Bandag process.

Bandag and Million Miles
Million Miles and Maintenance

Maintenance designed for your fleet

Customized maintenance and service programs get your fleet to the lowest cost of ownership. Your dealer will tailor the required checks and inspections to the specific needs of your fleet. Having a comprehensive tire management program greatly reduces the chances of on-road tire failure and optimizes your tires as you roll towards your 1,000,000 mile per tire goal.

Your dealer protects your tire investment

When you work with Bridgestone, you are partnering with the largest dealer network in the nation. Your dealer is the best resource for understanding the special needs of your fleet and providing you with the expertise and guidance to get 1,000,000 miles out of each casing. Depend on us to keep track of how each tire wears and work with you to keep maintenance and service on schedule. A good dealer relationship is key to drive the costs out of your tire program.