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The Advantages of Using Straddle Carriers to Transport Containers

When profitability requires quick turnarounds, ports need the right equipment to keep cargo moving as efficiently as possible. Many ports use cranes or forklifts to load containers onto truck trailers for transporting. However, with a straddle carrier, operators can load and transport containers short distances, requiring less equipment and more flexibility.

A straddle carrier consists of four vertical frames on wheels that carries freight by “straddling” the container rather than loading it on top like a conventional truck. These machines can shift and organize containers within a port, load and unload trailer-bed trucks, and stack containers three and sometimes four units high. With load capacities up to 60 tons, they can lift two full containers. Plus, straddle carriers can easily fit in tight locations, providing an extra benefit for ports with space restrictions.

Find the Right Straddle Carrier Tires for the Job

Because straddle carriers continuously transport heavy loads, they need industrial tires that are highly durable and reliable but can also handle larger load capacities. The straddle carrier’s tires need to be extra resistant to different impacts to prevent cuts and ruptures. Though they perform at lower speeds, they still need to maneuver turns effectively, so stability and irregular wear resistance are also important.

Make Your Industrial Straddle Carrier Tires Last With Bridgestone

Bridgestone straddle carrier tires come with heavy-duty radial construction for container handling applications. Each straddle carrier tire is designed with strong wear resistance and features exceptionally long tread life. Combat irregular wear and enhance overall operating efficiency with these specialty port tires. Bridgestone offers intelligent products, integrated technologies and best-in-class service to make sure your new straddle carrier tires last so you can focus on running an efficient port.

Straddle Carrier Tires

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