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Bus & Coach Tires

Stops, starts, twists and turns aren’t just hard on tires. To give your passengers the best possible ride - smooth and quiet with less downtime - you need tires that will rise above the complaints. It goes without saying that drivers are going to curb them, so we’ve made sure our Bus & Coach tires are reinforced with sidewalls that protect your passengers and your reputation. 

Featured Bus & Coach Tires

When looking for bus or motor coach tires, there are many things to keep in mind. Where your service operates, how many passengers you carry, and typical driving conditions are all critical considerations for choosing bus and coach tires.

Do you need tough radial tires to stand up to inner-city curbing, or are you in need of an ultra-fuel-efficient tire for long highway routes?

Selecting the right tires and performing regular maintenance will be the key to fuel efficiency, tire life, and the safety of your driver and passengers.

Things to consider when choosing bus or motor coach tires:


  • Tire size recommended for your bus or motor coach
  • Load rating and maximum weight needed for your work or passenger load
  • Vehicle class and type
  • Sidewall strength needed (critical for city driving where curb checks may be inevitable)


  • What types of roadways are being driven
  • Are these tires for severe service conditions
  • Weather conditions

Once you have the right tire, making sure you maintain them is very important.

Bridgestone has a range of tires engineered for all bus, school bus, and motorcoach applications, including products engineered for wet traction, high-scrub environments, and CARB compliance. Contact a dealer near you for a consultation or more information to help you make the right choice.


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