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REACH – Bridgestone's Fleet Management Solution

When your company depends on a fleet of trucks and your job is to manage fleet performance, you know that fleet downtime costs money. REACH is a service delivery platform designed by Bridgestone to simplify and speed up roadside assistance requests for commercial fleets. 

Differentiated from our competitors' fleet and tire management systems by offering emergency services by the closest provider regardless of service network, REACH gets drivers back on the road more quickly, increasing critical uptime. The web and mobile applications harness the latest in mobile technology, creating an end-to-end solution that centralizes communications between fleet managers, drivers, dealers and service technicians with real-time updates and GPS support.

How does REACH work?

REACH utilizes a web portal and smart devices to connect fleets directly to service providers for over the road and local service needs. The platform speeds service delivery by reducing or eliminating phones calls which accelerates event setup and dispatch. REACH allows drivers, service providers and fleet managers to retain a digital record of events that include real-time chat functions and data uploads like photos and documents. 

Features like quick tab web portals for event management, workforce automation, One Stop Shop, and our mobile app provide automation for Bridgestone’s fleet and dealer partners to turn insights into actions through advanced technologies and system integrations

The features include management of:

  • Tire management and tire safety monitoring
  • Service needs
  • Mechanical issues
  • Tractor and trailer towing
  • eDVIR to maintain inspection report information
  • Agnostic diagnosis
  • Mapping that reduces wasted time searching for vendors and navigating to the breakdown

How do you and your fleet benefit from REACH?

The benefits of using REACH for your fleet management include:

  • Real-time chat and picture upload
  • No phone calls needed
  • Reducing touchpoints and accelerating service delivery
  • Event setup/dispatch in less than 5 mins with an average of 30 minutes of reduced downtime per event 
  • Minimize misinterpretation between driver, dispatch and repair tech
  • Digital record confirmation and vehicle inspection reports
  • Track your orders through the dashboard
  • Get a picture of the service/product at delivery for your records

REACH training is available through a virtual environment or in the classroom, so it is easy to bring next-generation service delivery to your fleet and anyone connected to making sure that it runs effectively. By streamlining communication from driver to dispatch to the tech and repair, you can bring efficiency gains to your fleet management today; it’s within REACH.

Contact Bridgestone or your Local Dealer to learn more.