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Retreads Change the game

Maximize tire performance and reduce total costs by retreading a premium Bridgestone tire with a Bandag retread. This practice has been proven to increase fuel efficiency, extend the life of the casing, and maximize tire performance, which saves fleets millions of dollars annually.

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Firemen, bus drivers and national fleets choose Bandag retreads over new tires. Retreads save time, money and valuable resources to earn the loyalty of the fleets we depend on. Your hard-working fleet deserves tires that share your work ethic.

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We own and design 98% of our equipment. Arrange for a tour to see the Bandag difference for yourself.

Get the facts. Know the math.

Retread Report

3X or More
the number of times the largest privately run WASTE INDUSTRY FLEETS often retread their drive tires
of commercial tires IN OPERATION are RETREADS
Up To 90%
of LARGE FLEETS in the U.S. and Canada use retreads
~15 Million
Commercial tires are RETREAD ANNUALLY
can be POWERED FOR ONE HOUR with the energy saved during retread manufacturing
in the use of natural rubber makes RETREADS SUSTAINABLE
fewer gallons is the amount of OIL SAVED to manufacture a retread versus a new tire
BILLION POUNDS is the amount of waste retreads divert from landfills annually
Retreads Extend a Tire's Lifecycle
A premium tire/retread combination provides LONGER WEAR than ultra low-cost new tires that are only used one time
Many quality retreads have IMPROVED ROLLING RESISTANCE and provide better fuel efficiency
TOP 3%
Bandag retreads rank high among the MOST FUEL-EFFICIENT tires, new or retreaded
Bridgestone PREMIUM CASINGS are engineered to be retreaded multiple times and warrantied for an unlimited number of retreads for up to 7 years


Golden, J.S., Handfield, R., Daystar, J. and, J. Woodrooffe (2018). Retread Tires in the United States & Canada: An Analysis of the Economic & Environmental Benefits for Fleet Operators and the U.S. Government.

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Retreaducator™ - Retreading can reduce your annual fleet costs and have a positive impact on the environment. Let us turn your estimate into a reality.

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