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Keep Material Moving With the Right Dozer and Loader Tires

When moving material from point A to point B, you need dozer or loader tires to handle the toughest terrains. Dozers come with large, heavy blades in the front to push, dig, excavate and level materials like rock, dirt, sand and gravel. Loaders use a front-mounted bucket to scoop and load materials like rock, stone, sand and gravel to transport to a new location. You can find these heavy-duty machines loading dump trucks at mines and quarries or carrying away dirt and debris at construction sites. Built for a variety of applications, loaders can travel as little as 500 feet to over 2,000 feet, depending on the job requirements.

Find the Best Loader Tires for the Job

A rubber tire loader can handle various applications, so it’s crucial to find the best loader tires for both the machine and the job. Front-end loader tires must be made of wear-resistant compounds with a tread design that provides puncture resistance. Similarly, skid steer loader tires must be highly durable, designed for high traction and rough terrain. When choosing your front loader tires or skid loader tires, consider both the distance the loader will travel and the job site’s surface condition. 

Go the Distance With Bridgestone Loader Tires

With various tire treads, compounds and sizes available, Bridgestone experts can help you find the right tire for your loader or dozer. Bridgestone loader tires are designed to help optimize your machine’s performance, increase comfort for your operators and handle the most challenging terrains. Plus, Bridgestone offers the most intelligent products, integrated technologies and best-in-class service, so your new loader tires can go the distance, increasing your efficiency and bottom line.

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