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Transfer Your Heaviest Loads with the Right Rigid Dump Truck Tires

Transporting bulk materials from one place to another requires the right heavy equipment. Rigid dump trucks are equipped to handle tough terrain and with large volume loads across a variety of job sites. Unlike Articulated dump trucks, rigid dump trucks don’t bend in the middle and their tires steer them. This makes the rigid dump trumps better suited for larger job sites with well-maintained haul roads that allow for more efficient hauling and larger capacity loads.

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Find the Best Rigid Haul Truck Tires for the Job

When purchasing dump truck tires, you must consider the type of truck as well as the application. Rigid dump trucks are better suited for carrying hefty loads on flat terrain. These trucks are often used at mines, quarries and other areas that require the truck to transfer large volume loads from location to location. Rigid dump truck tires must provide exceptional tread wear and provide high resistance to chipping and cuts.

Make Your Rigid Dump Truck Tires Last with Bridgestone

Whether you’re looking for dump truck steer tires or drive tires, Bridgestone offers various tread designs and compound construction for your equipment and application. Our experts can help you find the best dump truck tire to optimize performance and increase your job site’s efficiency. Bridgestone is committed to offering intelligent products, integrated technologies and best-in-class service to help your new dump truck tires last, so you can focus on getting the job done and increasing your bottom line.

Rigid Dump Truck Tires

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We've built intelligent products that are as productive as they are reliable. Check out our tires to see how we can help you tackle your toughest challenges.

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