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Maneuver Tough Terrain with the Right Articulated Dump Truck Tires

Transporting bulk materials from one place to another requires heavy-duty machinery. Dump trucks — also known as dumper trucks or haul trucks — are equipped with deep beds that tilt or open for quick unloading. Because of their usefulness and versatility, dump trucks play an important role in various applications, carrying heavy loads across dirt, mud, rock and gravel. Articulated dump trucks are built for mobility in smaller areas and less than ideal terrain, making them more common on construction sites and sites that require severe service.

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Find the Best Articulated Dump Truck Tires for the Job

When purchasing dump truck tires, you must consider the type of truck as well as the application. Articulated dump trucks have both a cab and trailer component that can move separately, offering more maneuverability. With a tighter turn radius and increased off-road capabilities, articulated dump trucks perform well in tight spaces like construction sites or mines. These advantages place them in challenging environments that require high traction and resistance to cuts, punctures, wear and heat.

Make Your Articulated Dump Truck Tires Last with Bridgestone

Bridgestone offers a selection of tread designs and construction to best fit your articulated dump truck tire needs. Our experts can help you find the right tire based on your potential terrain to ensure the tire can live up to the wear requirements to ensure tire longevity and limited down time. When you choose Bridgestone, you receive the most innovative tire technology, along with best-in-class service, so you can rest easy knowing your tires won’t impact your job sites performance.

Articulated Dump Truck Tires

Tires by Application

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