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Truckload, Less Than Truckload

R197 ECOPIA™ Specialized Features

Fuel-Efficient All-Position Trailer Radial

Suitable for all axle positions, the R197 Ecopia™ is designed for applications in both long-haul and regional service. This ultra-fuel-efficient tire is a smart choice for a more sustainable future. An achievement in low rolling resistance design, the R197 delivers exceptional fuel economy, ideal for fleets looking to maximize fuel dollars, and a lower total cost of ownership.* The R197 provides the added benefits of CARB compliance and EPA SmartWay® verification.

Specialized Features

NanoPro-Tech™ Compound
Patented NanoPro-Tech polymer technology limits energy loss for improved rolling resistance and optimum fuel effi ciency
Shallow Tread Depth
Fights tread squirm for lower rolling resistance. The 11/32" tread depth also combats irregular wear for long life
Fuel Saver Sidewall
Limits energy loss using a proprietary sidewall compound to help conserve fuel, both when new and retreaded
IntelliShape™ Sidewall
Contains less bead fi ller volume, reducing tire weight and minimizing rolling resistance for enhanced fuel effi ciency
Tough Sidewall Protection
Thick ribs on both sidewalls fi ght curbing damage to protect the casing

Bridgestone Ecopia



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Truckload, Less Than Truckload
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