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Truckload Tires

When you’re in constant motion pulling a 53-foot trailer, tread wear is your enemy. Long runs up and down the highway are quick to reveal irregular wear. Then, you hit a rock and get a nick and start to lose more rubber. What’s the solve? Keep a close eye on your air pressure and be sure you have a tread pattern that helps fight irregular wear and gives you low rolling resistance. We want your miles to be economical ones.

Featured Truckload Tires

Tire maintenance and tread wear can make or break a long-haul truck fleet. Long highway runs on roads in various states of disrepair or construction can lead to irregular wear very quickly. Each time you hit a rock, encounter potholes, or are lane-shifted to drive over a rumble strip you are losing rubber to the road.

So, what can you do to minimize the damage to your long-haul fleet’s tires? Be proactive. Keep an eye on your air pressure and regularly inspect your tires to spot tread wear or road debris as quickly as possible. You can also make your miles more economical by buying the right tires for your cargo and conditions, especially if you are dealing with severe service conditions. 

Long-haul truck tires and regional truck tires share some similarities and tire choices, but it's best to know your lane and choose correctly. 

What is the difference between regional and long-haul truck tires?

By definition, long-haul commercial truck tires are for when you operate outside of a 300-mile radius and can average 100,000 miles or more annually. Regional-haul commercial tires are for inside of that 300-mile radius where typically your driver will return home each night and will not exceed 80,000 miles annually

Long Haul

Long-haul commercial tires are engineered for operating at highway speed and more often travel on smoother interstate roads rather than secondary routes. They will operate outside of a 300-mile radius and can average 100,000 miles or more annually. This level of wear is why long-haul commercial tires have a long original tread life to support lengthier travel times on highways. 

When considering long-haul truck tires, you need to make informed choices regarding the drive, steer and trailer positions of the truck. You can also find tires engineered for all-position use. 

For steer axle application in both long-haul and regional service, consider the FS507 Plus, which boasts features to protect against uneven wear and reduced rolling resistance.

In the drive position, options include the Greatec M835A Ecopia or the M710 Ecopia. Both are built for tandem-axle placement in long-haul service and utilized often for truckload, specialized transport and less than truckload applications.

Regional Tires

A regional tire is more likely to be used by businesses like public utilities, food distribution, petroleum and manufacturing. Regional fleets often carry medium to heavy loads and are more likely to travel frequently on secondary routes and two-lane roads, with some highway use. Regional fleets typically operate within a 300-mile radius and log annual mileage between 30,000 to 80,000 miles, on average.

With e-commerce booming, there is also an increased demand for timely last-mile delivery, creating an increased number of distribution centers. With more distribution centers throughout the country, shipping routes have become shorter, bringing more regional haul trucks on the road. 

If you're looking for tires that can cover regional and super-regional service, Bridgestone has several options, including the R284 Ecopia. The R284 Ecopia is a fuel-efficient all-position steer tire that delivers premium performance for truckload, specialized transport, or less than truckload fleets. These tires are engineered to minimize rolling resistance, reduce irregular wear and provide optimum fuel efficiency.

You have a lot of options when choosing your long-haul or regional service truck tires. Contact your nearest Bridgestone Dealer to help you make the right choice for your trucks and get back on the road in no time.

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