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How Mobile Cranes Benefit Port Operations

When efficiency is a priority, ports need material handling equipment that fits their space and time restrictions. Rubber tire gantry (RTG) and harbor cranes can provide the necessary power and flexibility to keep cargo moving. Ports use the RTG to ground or stack containers. The rubber tire gantry overhead crane straddles the workspace and is available with spans of 5 to 9 containers wide, as well as hoisting heights from 1 over 3 containers high to 1 over 6. With lifting capacities from 20 to 65 tons, these powerful machines are made mobile with rubber tires, making operations more efficient as cranes move around the terminal.

Harbor cranes are large dockside vehicles used for loading and unloading container ships. These mobile harbor cranes are ideal for smaller terminals in maritime and river ports because they provide excellent maneuverability and on-the-spot turning. Plus, these machines offer drive-under capacity so other quay vehicles can keep moving unhindered.

Find the Right Crane Tires for the Job

Long workdays and heavy loads demand extra tough industrial tires. When choosing harbor crane tires, look for a broad base for added stability as they work to maneuver turns within a smaller space. The crane tire will also need the strength to handle larger load capacities. Plus, rubber tire gantry crane tires must fend off the wear and tear of dock and railroad environments, so they require more cut resistance.

Make Your Industrial Mobile Crane Tires Last With Bridgestone

Bridgestone mobile crane tires come with maximum cut protection for transporting and loading applications that require moving heavy containers as quickly as possible. Each RTG tire is made with rubber compounds designed to handle rougher outdoor applications. Plus, a wide base offers additional stability as cranes load, unload, ground and stack. With intelligent products, integrated technologies and the best-in-class service, Bridgestone ensures your new crane tires last as long as possible, so you can focus on managing an efficient port.

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