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The Benefits of Empty Container Handlers for Port Terminals

Port terminals require a variety of specialized material handling equipment to keep containers moving between the sea, road and rail. Container handlers are a particular type of forklift designed to efficiently lift, handle and move shipping containers to optimize storage in port settings. These vehicles come in two types: empty container handlers and loaded container handlers. 

Empty container handlers, or lift trucks, remove and store space-wasting containers that have been emptied of cargo. These vehicles display exceptional maneuverability to quickly and precisely stack empty containers. Made to be extremely durable and long-lasting, an empty container handler comes with a load capacity of eight to 10 tons, and some models can stack up to eight containers in one stack.

Find the Right Lift Truck and Empty Container Handler Tires for the Job

To keep containers moving, ports need empty container handler tires that can manage outdoor sites with uneven terrains. These tires may be designed for extended wear and puncture resistance or to provide excellent traction. Prioritize tire and tread designs that increase agility for lift truck and empty container handler tires at your work site.

Make Your Lift Truck Tires Last With Bridgestone

Bridgestone lift truck and empty container handler tires are made with rubber compounds designed for wear and cut resistance, so your tires hold up to work in dock and railyard environments. Choose from a variety of tread designs, whether you need exceptional traction or maximum cut protection for extreme loading and transporting applications. With intelligent products, integrated technologies and best-in-class service, Bridgestone makes sure your new tires last so you can focus on running an efficient port.

Lift Truck and Empty Container Handler Tires

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