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Drive Maximum Port Efficiency with Loaded Container Handlers

Port terminals must invest in material handling equipment that runs smoothly and works quickly to load, unload, stack and organize cargo to increase productivity. Known for their minimal operating costs, efficient speeds and long service life, container handlers are a great addition to any port. These vehicles come in two types: empty container handlers and loaded container handlers.

Loaded container handlers — or full-capacity container trucks — specialize in power and stability. With load capacities up to 45 tons, these machines can stack full containers up to five units high. For increased flexibility, these vehicles can move both full and empty containers.

Find the Right Loaded Container Handler Tires for the Job

Help ensure minimal operating costs and long service life for your loaded container handler by choosing the right tires. Loaded container handler tires need to be strong to handle larger loads and withstand the natural wear and tear of the port terminal. Prioritize tire and tread designs that create a smooth ride for loaded container handler tires.

Make Your Loaded Container Handler Tires Last With Bridgestone

Bridgestone container handler tires are made with a special compound for industrial applications to handle whatever the day brings. With heavy-duty radial construction, these port tires are designed for optimum irregular wear resistance. Experience exceptionally long tread life, superior driving comfort and enhanced overall operating efficiency to decrease downtime and keep containers moving. Bridgestone provides intelligent products, integrated technologies and best-in-class service to help your new loaded container handler tires last long and your operations increase productivity.

Loader Container Handler Tires

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