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FT491™ Tire

FT491™ Tire Specialized Features

EPA SmartWay® verified and CARB-compliant fuel efficiency without sacrificing removal miles means that the Firestone FT491™ helps deliver a lower cost per mile. With features such as the patented Defense Groove™ and ULTI-Rib™ designs to combat the initiation and spread of irregular wear, the FT491 is suitable for all-position use, but is designed especially for single- and tandem-axle trailer and dolly applications in long- and regional-haul service. The wide footprint spreads load over a larger area, distributing footprint pressure to promote long, smooth wear. The wide design takes a full-size drive cap, which helps extend the life of your casing.

Specialized Features

Ulti-Rib™ design combats the initiation and spread of irregular wear
Stress relief sipes fight irregular wear on main ribs by absorbing rib edge stresses in the footprint
Flow-through design allows for water evacuation to enhance road grip
Thirsty cross-rib sipes improve traction by slicing through water for a solid grip on wet roads



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