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Go Efficiently.
Go With Ecopia.

This is smarter savings through greater efficiencies. This is one simple decision for one intelligent fleet. This is how we move the world together. This is the Ecopia EffectTM.

One Simple Decision.Three cost-Saving Effeciencies.

Moving your fleet with Bridgestone's line of Ecopia tires is genius. That's because running Ecopia tires in all three wheel positions multiplies your ways to save versus competitive tires. That's what we call smarter savings for an intelligent fleet.  


Double-digit improvement in wear performance for advanced tread life vs. previous generation tires. 


Ecopia tires are EPA SmartWay® verified with improved rolling resistance and fuel efficiency that exceeds SmartWay requirements. 


The most retreadable tire casings, providing multiple tire lives and maximum efficiences when paired with Bandag FuelTech retreads. 

Featured Ecopia Tires

How much can your fleet save with Ecopia?

Potential Annual Savings

Ecopia vs Michelin X-Line

$XXX *

Potential Annual Savings

Ecopia vs Goodyear Fuel-Max

$XXX **

Slide to your fuel price $XXX
Slide to your fleet size XXX

*,**Bridgestone R283A Ecopia (in steer position), M710 Ecopia (in drive position), and R197 Ecopia (in trailer position) in size 295/75R22.5 load range G, compared to the equivalent size and load range of Michelin X-Line Energy Z (in steer position), X-Line Energy D (in drive position), and X-Line Energy T (in trailer position), and to the equivalent size and load range of Goodyear Fuel Max LHS (in steer position), Fuel Max LHD G505D (in drive position), and Fuel Max LHT (in trailer position). Rolling resistance and wear results obtained from Bridgestone internal TLCC model which incorporates third party SAE J1269 rolling resistance testing and measures results over the life of the tire. Savings calculated assuming the average price of fuel selected by Savings Calculator user, 5/32nds pull point, 80,000 lbs. total vehicle weight, for a class 8 tandem-drive axle tractor and single trailer combination traveling 120,000 miles/year. Projected wear results based on field test data across multiple users in long haul fleet application. Projected wear of Goodyear FuelMax LHT assumes same wear as Bridgestone R197 Ecopia. Actual results will vary depending on several factors such as tire size, operating conditions, maintenance, road conditions, and driving style.