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Make a Way with the Right Grader Tires

When your grader leads the way, your grader tires must be ready for any surface. Graders — also known as road graders or motor graders — create a flat surface by dragging a heavy metal bar called a blade along rubble, gravel or dirt. These heavy machines are often used to build and maintain roads, create pathways for mining sites and remove snow.

Find the Best Road Grader Tires for the Job

Road grader tires carry heavy machinery across some of the toughest terrains. To do their job well, they need to travel longer distances at a maximum speed of 25 mph. Look for motor grader tires made with compounds that help prevent cuts and irregular wear and increase maneuverability. Because they lead the way across soft and uneven surfaces, self-cleaning tread design can help improve traction. If your grader tires are used on snow or ice, a unique tread design with deep siping will provide better traction and require no studs or chains.

Keep On Moving with Bridgestone Grader Tires

Optimize your machine’s performance with Bridgestone grader tires. Made with enhanced compounds and specialized tread designs, the right motor grader tires are available for your application and surface condition. Plus, Bridgestone brings you the most intelligent products, integrated technologies and best-in-class service, so your new grader tires can successfully handle any job.

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